Dear Plenti member,

Do you have Plenti points that are expiring? Check your account and use points for savings today!

Check your points balance

Don’t forget to…

Do you have Plenti points expiring? Check above to find out.

If you have points expiring, you’ll see the exact number above. We don't want those hard-earned points to go to waste, and neither do you! So, below are some tips to turn expiring points into great savings.

If you don’t have any points expiring, no sweat. Keep on earning and saving with Plenti!

Points earned on or before December 31, 2015 and not redeemed by December 31, 2017 will expire on that date.

It’s easy to cash in points for savings!

Just follow the steps below to use points in-store or online. The more you’ve earned, the more you'll be able to save!

1. Have your Plenti number ready

Scan/swipe your Plenti card at checkout, or enter your phone number.

2. Use points

Select “YES” when prompted to use points, and enter Plenti PIN if needed. You only need 200 points to start using them for savings.

3. Save!

Cash in those points for savings! 500 points equals at least $5 off your purchase. It’s that simple!

Got questions?

Are all the points in my account expiring on December 31?

Only Plenti points that are at least 2 years old and not used by December 31 are expiring. Any other points will remain in your account until you use them or until they are due to expire. See above or check your account to see how many points you have expiring.

I have under 200 points, but some of them are expiring. How can I use them?

You can only use points for savings at checkout if you have at least 200 points in your account. So, if you don't have that many, you can earn more by shopping at any of the participating Plenti retailers.

Can I get points back if they’ve expired?

No, once Plenti points have expired, you cannot get them back. But, earning more is easy to do. Here are some great offers to get you started!