Plenti Points = Savings

It’s that easy! Use Plenti points at checkout to save money at certain Plenti partners, no matter where you earned them. 500 points are worth at least $5 in savings on your purchase!

It's easy to cash in points for savings! Here's how:

Take your pick, you’ve got options! Shop in-store or online and follow the simple steps below to use points at checkout. Just shop, earn, save, repeat!

1. Have your Plenti number ready

Scan/swipe your Plenti card or enter your phone number at checkout.

2. Choose to use points

Select “YES” when prompted, and enter Plenti PIN if needed. You only need 200 points to save.

3. Save!

Watch those points turn into savings off your purchase. It's that simple!

Need more points?

See all the ways you can earn points on everyday purchases with Plenti.

More questions? Get answers.

Check out frequently asked questions and maximize the value of your Plenti account.