Impressive Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Whether you just found that special someone or the day just snuck up on you, here are some great Valentine’s Day ideas if you’re a little short on time.

You may be saying to yourself “It’s Valentine’s Day already?!” Well, you’re not alone. There can be a lot of pressure to show your significant other just how much you care about them. Maybe you haven’t settled on anything yet because there’s just too much pressure or maybe you just found someone and you’re looking for a something simple. We’re here to help. Let’s take a look at some super last minute ideas that’ll still make you look like a hero on Valentine’s Day.

Recreate Your First Date

The more detailed you get it, the better. Sure, you can remember the restaurant, but can you remember what each of you ate? If so, go ahead and place the same order ahead of time. Visit the same places, where the same outfit even. If you saw a movie, visit the same movie theater or find a place that is screening the same movie you saw on your first date or put it on at home! By recreating your first date, you’ll not only show just how thoughtful you are, but you’ll both be able to reminisce together – not just about that date, but every date since.

Their Favorites

We all know “it’s the thought that counts.” But even though we’ve heard that saying a million times, it doesn’t make it any less true. Show your partner how well you know them by creating a night of their “favorites.” You don’t even have to go out of the house or spend a lot of money. You can start off by wearing their favorite outfit (of yours). What’s their favorite meal? Try recreating it or even just ordering it from their favorite place. Show their favorite movie or play the song they had on repeat all of last year. You won’t have to spend a lot of money to show just how much you care. And, let’s be honest, you’ll really get a lot of brownie points.

Cheese of the month

“Cheese of the month? Shouldn’t that be a present, like, from their boss at work?” Is probably something you thought when you first read this. And yes, it might not sound amazing at first, but hear us out. If your significant other loves cheese (and who doesn’t) then this could be the perfect gift that gives year round. If you’re unfamiliar, you pay for a subscription and each month they’ll send you a different kind of cheese. Your loved one will not only be able to expand their palate, but they’ll also be surprised by each month’s selection. You can give the gift with a caveat: each month you two will plan a special night tasting that month’s cheese and pair it with wine, crackers, etc. Because the first cheese won’t arrive till next month, start off by getting some cheese on the way home. Couple the cheese with some nice chocolate and you have the perfect after dinner treat.


Rather than the classic “heart-shaped box of chocolates” why not try something a little different? Make their favorite sweet treat in your very own kitchen to give dessert that personal touch. Go with their favorite dessert if you want to make sure they’ll love what you bake (anything freshly baked will be pretty great). If you want to stay in theme for the night, you can try baking heart-shaped cookies, chocolate covered strawberries or even try making your own chocolate candies. By baking, you can save money while still showing them just how much you care. This idea works especially well if you have kids. Your love will be especially surprised if they come home to find the family in the kitchen baking just for you! If you want to go the distance, write a personalized message.

Make a website

For the more technically savvy, this is an interesting idea that may definitely surprise them. Even if you’re not that into computers, there are plenty of free/cheap website design companies out there that make designing a website both fast and easy. What would you make a website of? Well, here you have a few options. You can make it all about your significant other; showing off photos of them through the years, videos you have, their favorite hobbies, etc. There’s also the option to make a website that’s fully dedicated to your relationship with a page for each year containing photos and a few of your favorite stories from that year. This is a different kind of PDA (public display of affection), but one that they probably won’t be expecting. All you need is a few hours and you’ll be creating a book of memories that you can always update through the years – think of it as a 21st century version of the old scrapbook.

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