DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

If your son or daughter is looking to add a personal touch to their Valentine’s Day cards, look no further.

When February 14th rolls around and everyone starts handing out cards in school, your child will be so excited to hand out these individual art pieces. Best of all, they’re fast, cheap and easy to make.

Sparkly Hearts

Light up the room with these shiny creations.

You’ll Need:
Blank card
Construction paper
Glitter, rhinestones or something else small and sparkly

1. Cut heart shapes of various sizes out of the construction paper.
2. Place it on the face of the blank card and put a small amount of glue around the outside of the heart, creating an outline.
3. Sprinkle your glitter (or other sparkly item) so that it sticks to the glue and then remove the construction paper.
4. Let it dry and then shake off the excess glitter.
5. Write a personalized message in the now blank heart-shaped space.
Optional: Glue the colorful heart-shaped construction paper to the back (or inside for a foldable card) for added flair.

Superhero Cards

Save the day with these fun, and unique, cards.

You’ll Need:
Blank card
Black construction paper
Colored construction paper
Glue or tape

1. Cut out a bunch of domino mask shapes from the black construction papers (you’ll save a ton of time if you manage to do that before you sit down with your kids to create the cards).
2. Use the colored construction paper to create all kinds of designs e.g. a cape, a lightning bolt, etc. Have your child draw them and cut out the designs out for them.
3. Glue them on as needed, making sure to leave some space on the front or back to write the recipient’s name.

Space Cards

An easy way to create cards that are out of this world.

You’ll Need:
Black blank cards (or construction paper)
Light-colored markers or pens
Mini Bouncy Balls or Gumball with Swirls

1. Decorate the black cards to make it look like space. Draw stars, planets, spaceships, whatever you like.
2. Cut a hole slightly smaller than the ball in the card.
3. Squeeze the ball into the hole and secure with a small piece of tape.
4. Now the recipient has a toy/piece of candy in addition to a great card!
Optional: Cut the black construction paper into smaller sizes for use as cards.

Colorful Hearts

Color coordinate and save money at the same time.

You’ll Need:
Blank cards
Small scissors (or a heart-shaped hole punch)
Color samples from a local paint store

1. Take a one strip of color samples and cut (or punch) heart designs using all the different shades.
2. Have your child decorate each card with the various coordinating colors.
Optional: Help them with puns based on each color pallet! (Example: I’m blue when you’re not around. Orange you glad we’re friends? And so on.)

Lollipop butterflies

Fun to make and eat!

You’ll Need:
Construction paper
Markers or pens

1. Cut butterfly-shaped wings out of the construction paper. (Imagine two “W”s attached together at the tops.)
2. Have your child decorate the wings however they like. Leave one side for shapes and colors and the other side for a personalized message.
3. Tape the stick of the lollipop to the middle (where the two “W”s meet). Make sure the lollipop itself is just above the wings so it looks like the head of the butterfly.

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