Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

This year, make Valentine’s Day great for him and easy for you.

Is there anyone harder to buy for than a guy? Instead of asking what they may want and getting the usual “I don’t know,” try one of our foolproof gift suggestions this Valentine’s Day. You’ll save time, money and, most importantly, hassle.

In-Home Movie Theater

Most guys love movies, right? Though, with the super high prices and crowded theaters, many people can’t make it out to see movies on a regular basis. Why not bringing the movie experience home? You know, minus a noisy audience and loud candy wrappers. First, go to the store and buy some of their favorite candy (in the same style of box they have in the movie theater if you can). Even grab some paper cups (or reuse some from a local movie theater). Turn the lights down and pop in his favorite movie or, if you want to double your chances of success, go for a double feature. Remember, the more authentic the better, so even try finding some movie previews to play beforehand to really complete the experience!

Molded ice cube trays

Ice cube trays are going through a kind of renaissance nowadays. The old square cube trays are still around sure, but now you can find plenty of silicon-based trays of all shapes and sizes. That’s right, since they’re silicon molds, they peel right off – no need to try to work them out of those traditionally hard plastic trays. They even come in the shape of licensed characters, cars, logos, you name it. And if you can’t decide which your guy would like best, you can always narrow it down by size. You can find traditionally small cubes that go in individual drinks or there are now mold that hold giant cubes that you can use in a pitcher or punchbowl during your next party. Either way, these can be a hot way to cool down.


Sure, a lot of times, women buy themselves lingerie as a “present” for their significant other, but this year why not turn the tables? You can buy him some sexy underwear if that’s your thing (whatever you like best, boxer briefs, silk, up to you!) but if it’s not your thing there are plenty of other options too. And they’ll be helpful too because, if there’s anything we know about most guys, they don’t tend to buy underwear too often. If you’re a traditionalist, get him the classic Valentine’s Day gift of boxers with little hearts on them. Or, you can switch it up too and get him some very fancy underwear that we know he wouldn’t buy for himself, but would still feel great wearing.

Duffle Bag

Is your guy tired of lugging around a giant suitcase every time you travel? Even if you just go away for the weekend, he has too many clothes for a book bag, but not nearly enough for a suitcase. A duffle bag can be the perfect solution. They’re not just for the gym anymore and there are plenty of options that provide both durability and style. You can go with nylon for a bag that won’t stain (if he’s a utilitarian kind-of-guy), canvas for a tough but chic look (for the urban explorer) or even a plastic or leather one if you want to get him something even more unique. If he know he just loves those little wheels on his suitcase, don’t worry, there are duffle bags with those too. With options from stylish to casual, these convenient bags will be something he uses year-round. Now you’ll have the perfect excuse to travel.


Sure, cufflinks aren’t an “every day” kind of thing. However, when you need them, having a fancy pair that you can call your own can really set a guy apart in the style department. There are plenty of options out there, you can go with a simple, elegant look if you want to like a pair of steel (or silver or gold depending on what you want to spend) cufflinks with a unique shape. Or, to co with something more contemporary, you can find cufflinks now either made of wood or with a wood inlay if your guy is the “outdoorsy” type. You can even buy one with prints inside from individual online sellers – from old maps to personal photos, there are a myriad of options to personalize. And the final touch? Get them monogrammed.

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