Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Not sure how to make Valentine’s Day extra special? Here are some of our favorite gifts that she may not be expecting.

There’s a lot of pressure on Valentine’s Day to get something that’s not just good, but thoughtful. Here are some suggestions for gifts that show the woman in your life just how much you care about her.

Frame a Love Note

There’s a reason some of the most famous letters in history are love notes. Written representations of just how much you mean to each other are can be great to go back and revisit. If you’ve been keeping a shoebox of love letters mixed among your odds and ends, hoping they won’t get lost, this is the perfect gift for you to give. Take one of your favorite love notes that you either wrote to her or one that you received from her and find a perfect frame. Buy one from a local arts and crafts store or even make one made from something special – like a wooden frame made from some old furniture that you two had. That way the frame holds just as many memories as the letter itself.

Living Bouquets

She’s probably expecting a flower bouquet. You don’t want to disappoint and not get her one, but you also don’t want to be predictable. Sure, you could get yet another dozen roses, but why not switch things up a bit? Living bouquets are a great alternative and, unlike flowers, they won’t die in a week. If you don’t know what a living bouquet is, it’s a plant arrangement in a nice pot or bowl. You can find a lot of options online in all kinds of shapes, sizes and prices. You can use it as a centerpiece or, if you like to be outdoorsy, plant it outside at a special spot that the two of you love. Every time you visit you’ll get a great reminder of this Valentine’s Day.

A Spa Day

Everyone needs a day to relax, especially after the stress of the holidays so why not treat her to a spa day? You can either send her off for a solo treat or you can make it a couple’s experience. Start off the day with a couple’s massage and follow it up with a facial or time in a sauna. It’ll be a relaxing day for both of you and it can turn the day from the traditionally hectic, pressure-filled day to a calming one. If you’re a little hesitant to commit to a pricey spa, you can just do the couple’s massage. Or you can fully recreate the spa at home. Give her a massage (a long one, no skimping here) and after that draw a bubble bath with a bath bomb or bath oils. Pair that with her favorite treats to create a sweet and soothing end to the whole experience.

Homemade Care Package

Does your sweetie live a little further away from her family than she would like? This is the perfect gift solution and will make you the real hero of Valentine’s Day. If her parents make a particularly delicious dessert or baked good, get the recipe (if they’re willing to part with it) and make it at home. See if her parents can send you some childhood photos that you can frame or add to a scrapbook. Give her her favorite childhood book for a finishing touch. By giving her a reminder of her childhood home you’ll be combining her past with your present and show her that you’re looking toward the future.

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