6 Kids’ Games all Couples Should Play

Play some of these fun games to keep the romance – and competition – going this Valentine's Day.

Do you ever miss those games you used to play when you were a kid? Well, try playing them with your significant other. The two of you can bond over your childhood memories of the games and a little competition will keep that spark in your relationship. Here are 6 kids’ games you need to play together this Valentine’s Day or any day.

Video games

Forget everything you think you know about video games just involving a bunch of dudes staring at the TV for hours, surrounded by empty pizza boxes in funky sweatpants.There is a reason why you are always splitting your kids up when they kids fight each other for the rights to the game controller. Video games are fun! Especially games where you don’t have to learn intricate story lines or remote control sequences to get the “ultimate moves”. For best results, stock up on your favorite beverages and salty snacks and wear comfortable clothing…the type you wouldn’t even go to the corner store in. If you’re the competitive type, sweeten the deal by throwing in mandatory kisses from the loser or support their herculean victories with a little shoulder massage.

Foam dart and water gun battles

If you’ve ever played laser tag or paintball wars you’ll appreciate how much fun foam dart guns and water guns are. During the cooler months, you’ll need to build up your supply of foam pellets. There is nothing worse than running out of ammo when you’ve got the drop on your opponent. If you are playing inside, observe your children in action so that you can take note of the best places to take cover or launch a surprise attack. In the warmer months, you’ll no doubt need to take it outside, giving you a broader landscape as your playing field. In these instances, speed is your advantage. Even though the tanks in super soakers are pretty big these days, it’s advisable to use your ammo strategically and note your distance to your nearest water source. Remember, no one can have too much upper hand in love or war..

Do a puzzle

For the quiet types, puzzles are a delightful way to waste away the hours once their noisiest family members have gone to bed. Engaging in a steady but less demanding task is a great opportunity to really touch base with your partner. And we don’t just mean jigsaw puzzles. There are word puzzles, math puzzles, lateral thinking puzzles, paper and pencil puzzles, spot the difference puzzles and more. Sound a little more interesting? It’s easy to find a puzzle you both like. You can even puzzle solo next to your loved one and reach out for friendly help when needed. Put on your favorite music, make some homemade popcorn and settle in at the kitchen table, on the front porch or the living room floor for a great night of fun.

Mini basketball

Have you ever played a game of HORSE with your 5 year old? When you’re ready to stop letting your opponent win, who better to turn to that your other half? You might need to sneak up to your kid’s room and unhook their over the door mini basketball hoop but waking them up is a risk worth taking. This should be played as an all-contact sport - touching is a must! If you don’t take the rules too seriously, mini basketball is a lot of fun. After all, it’s a tiny basketball with a hoop over the door. If you are lucky enough to have a real hoop (say, over the garage or in the back yard), shooting a few hoops together is the universal context for deep discussion and friendly competition.

Make a pillow fort

Anyone who has ever told you that decorative pillows are a waste of time has clearly never made a fort. Forget about tidying everything up afterward, pillow forts remind us of everything warm and special and safe. The best pillow forts require several different types of soft furnishing so don’t be afraid to stockpile every pillow, cushion and blanket in the house. Poufs, neck pillows, beanbags and floor cushions are also allowable. If you want to do a thorough job, string a piece of rope or anything long and stringy from one side of the room to another. A broom shoved through the backs of two dining chairs will also do the trick. This will give you the perfect support to throw a blanket over to create a tent-like hidey-hole, which you then fill with cushions and blankets. For best effect, throw in a string of lights and bunker down with your special love to watch a show or listen to music.

Flashlight hide and seek

Nothing gets the blood pumping like running around in the dark in fear of being caught by “the enemy.” If you have a sizeable backyard or even a house big enough to split off into separate rooms, this game will be tons of fun. Get your ninja on and dress in dark colors (a hooded sweatshirt will give you a distinct advantage) and arm yourself with a regular flashlight and start the chase. The person who is “seeking” carries a flashlight, which is on while the person who is “hiding” remains in the dark. After running around having fun you can settle down with a treat or a cup of hot cocoa and snuggle on the couch or front porch.

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