Ways to Work Wellness Into Spring

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to just be about cleaning your house.

Spring really is the time for rebirth – whether that’s the grass getting greener, the flowers blossoming or just getting all that snow off the streets. That means it’s also the perfect time to rejuvenate yourself as well. Here are some tips on how to make sure you feel as good as the weather does.

Outdoor Yoga

Even if you’ve been keeping up with yoga or any other exercise, you’ve most likely been doing it indoors for months now. But with the grass at its softest all year, why not take the yoga mat outside? Usually you can find a few classes in your neighborhood or nearby park that offer outdoor yoga as led by a certified (or at least experienced) instructor. Even if you can’t find something official, just take a few minutes to yourself and go to your backyard or a public park and squeeze in a quick salute to the sun. You can either do a workout via memory or watch an online tutorial on your phone! Even if it’s the same workout you’ve done a hundred times before it’ll feel brand new in the spring breeze.

Get Some Sleep

While there are a million (or so) great things about spring weather, you do have to remember that all that green also means more sunlight. When you throw in the time change due to daylight savings time (remember, “spring forward” means you lose an hour), these warmer months may mean a change in your sleep schedule. The quality of a person’s sleep has been shown to have all kinds of effects on their mental and physical health. By getting a better night’s rest, you’ll wake up refreshed and more alert for all that spring cleaning. Which may not sound like a great thing, but really is.

Walk in the Grass

Playing in the snow is always great… the first few times you do it for the season. After a million snowball fights and after you’ve made enough snow men to build a whole village, it feels good to be able to switch things up a bit. Take some time to really soak in the whole outdoor experience. Seeing everything jump back to life and watching those spring colors pop can connect you with both your neighborhood and nature in general. Try taking your shoes and socks off and walking around in the grass. It’s the simplest of activities, but when you feel those blades of grass under your feet, you’ll really know that it’s spring.

Get a Massage

While it’s certainly time to go for long walks outside and do lots of cleaning inside, that doesn’t mean that this time of year has to be all about rushing around and exhausting yourself. Try spending time on relaxing between all that rushing around. All the physical activity that spring brings can really put a strain on your body causing your muscles to seize and knot up. Treat yourself to a massage or try to get your partner to give you one. Massages are a great way to loosen your limbs and calm your mind. That way when you do have to go back to running around, you’ll be ready and raring to go instead of just ready… to go back to sleep.

Take Time for Yourself

Spring is the perfect time of year to really enjoy all those activities you haven’t been able to do all winter: outdoor sports, camping, etc. But if you run your family from one engagement to the next, you can quickly wear yourself out (not to mention your family). Make sure that you still take moments whenever you can to do something you want to do rather than something you have to do - whether that’s reading a book, going through a magazine, going for a quick jog or just enjoying a cup of coffee with a few minutes of quiet. No need to put it on your calendar or make promises that are hard to keep. Simple and spontaneous is better. The last thing you need is to add one more stress to your already overbooked life. Taking even just a few moments to yourself every day can quickly refill your mental and emotional tank. You’ll feel better and enjoy those spring moments even more.

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