Storage Solutions for Spring Cleaning

Putting away all that winter gear just got a lot easier.

Spring cleaning isn’t just giving your bookshelves a good dusting or mopping the kitchen floor. You might have accumulated more stuff than usual during the holidays or maybe you just want to declutter – either way here are some easy tips and tricks to help you organize this spring.


A few well-placed shelves can make a huge difference when it comes to conserving space. Floating shelves are a great option if you’re looking to put up knick-knacks or framed photos. You can also double up pantry space by adding small metal racks to larger sections and putting some of your smaller spice containers on top, and below, it. Make sure to buy thinner metal racks too. Thinner racks tend to give you more space – which is always a good thing.

Magnetic Strips

Speaking of the kitchen, let’s get some of that pesky metal off the countertops and out of the pantry, shall we? Magnetic strips are the perfect solution for those things that you use every day, but seem to take up a lot of counter space. The strips come in all shapes and sizes and are useful for storing things like spices (in metal containers of course) or even knives. They hold these frequently used objects within easy reach while also making sure countertops and cabinets stay clear.

Storage Boxes

Here are five very important words for decluttering: storage boxes are your friends.

Hard plastic boxes, clearly labeled of course, are often used to store holiday decorations, but they are also handy for all of your winter accessories like boots, gloves, hats and so on – that way they’re not cluttering up your closets in those warm summer months. You can also find great collapsible canvas boxes that fit on most shelves or in closets if you’re looking for something a little more discreet. Also, try to get boxes that are all the same design/color to give your storage area a sense of cleanliness and uniformity.

Unused Space

There are some secret spaces around every house that are just waiting to be used as storage. Rather than shoving things under your bed, use the aforementioned storage boxes to make it easier to organize your stuff. In a many garages you’ll find that a lot of the higher wall space tends to remain empty. Install a bike rack to get those cumbersome bikes off the floor and out of your way. If you tend to use up a lot of your spare space, try keeping a document listing where you store each of your collections (e.g., “Winter clothes in attic” “Holiday decorations in garage” etc.) to make everything easier to find.

Trash It

This is the hardest one and often the most helpful. Try going through all of your things and think “Have I used this in the last year?” Or, “does it make me genuinely happy to see this?” If the answer is no to both, get rid of it. While it may seem stressful in the moment, you’ll feel better getting rid of some of your things and you’ll be able to appreciate what remains even more.

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