Outdoor Games to Play with Your Kids This Spring

When spring has officially sprung all you want to do is go outside. If you’re looking for something that’s fun and easy for the whole family then look no further.

There’s nothing quite like spring, that time of the year when we get to shake the winter cobwebs off and bask in the sun. Now you’ll get to ditch the board games, go outside and really take advantage of the warm weather. Below you’ll find our favorite games – some classic and some new.

Ring Toss

One of the classic “warm weather” games. There are a few ways that you can play ring toss. Kits are always available at a low cost from department or toy stores. If you’re looking to switch things up and are one of those “do-it-yourself” types there are some other ways to play too. One of the best is “Giant Ring Toss” where you take something like a hula hoop or foam pool noodle (attached end-to-end to make a circle) and try to throw it over a much larger object like, say, a weighted garbage can (you don’t want it falling over). Whether you’re playing the classic or giant version, ring toss is a tried-and-true springtime game.

Sidewalk Chalk

There’s a lot you can do with sidewalk chalk - including playing a game or two. Whether you live in a city or suburban neighborhood, there’s nothing like grabbing a box of sidewalk chalk (make sure it’s washable) and having the whole family go outside to show their creative side. Everyone can draw their own artwork and then showcase it to the rest of the family or you can try to have everyone draw a part of one large picture. Or play a game of tic-tac-toe, hopscotch, or hangman if you’re a little more competitive. With a wide array of game options and chalk colors, a whole day of fun can come in a little box.

Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling

Lawn bowling is a great game, but what if you want to try something a little different? Well, we’re here to help you out. First, get a couple of clear empty plastic 2 liter bottles, whatever size you like, and put in a little something to weigh them down. Try sand or even just some water. You want them to have enough weight so that the slightest breeze doesn’t knock them down, but not so much that it’s basically impossible to knock them over. Next, take some glow sticks and place one in each bottle (making sure to remove any labels on the bottles) and place them in a triangle formation. As for the ball, you can use anything from a soccer ball to a basketball to a volley ball, but it’s even better if you can find a ball that glows-in-the-dark as well so you can really light up the night.

Flashlight Tag

Like the game above, this is strictly a nighttime activity, but it’s also a fun one. Rather than play traditional “tag”, up your game with this nocturnal version. The rules are essentially the same as regular tag, but in this version you’ll need a flashlight (as you might have already guessed). Go to the backyard and give everyone a chance to hide. The person who is “It” will start scoping around with their flashlight to see who they can find. Once they’ve found someone, to make it a bit harder, have the person playing “It’ count to 3 and make sure they keep the person in the beam. If they do, their target becomes “It,” if they don’t then the search continues. It’s a fun twist on an old classic.

Giant Building Blocks

Another “giant” version of a classic game, this one’s strictly for the adults and slightly older kids due to the falling blocks. But while it’s not for all ages, it’s certainly a lot of fun. Arrange 2x4s in a solid tower and have each family member pull out one of the blocks when it’s their turn. Whoever pulls out a block that knocks the tower down loses. And due to the size of the blocks, when this thing falls, you’ll know it. If you want to make it even more fun, paint all of the blocks beforehand. You can paint each a different color, you can paint them all black with little white specks (to look like space), there are so many options! And if you paint them with the whole family, it only adds another layer of fun.

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