5 Everyday Places to Enjoy the Beauty of Spring

The warm weather and colors of spring are in full force and here’s where you can enjoy them.

It’s hard to miss the beauty of spring, but there are a few places where you can truly immerse yourself in the stunning springtime atmosphere.

Public Park

Many neighborhoods and cities have their own public parks, each with their own charm and personality. Spring is the perfect time to explore these local destinations with your whole family. Play on the playgrounds or just sit on a bench and feed the birds. You’d be surprised what a short walk through a well-made park can do for your whole family.

Hiking Trail

You don’t have to live near a mountain range to enjoy a good hike. Often times you can find trails in the nearby woods, larger public parks or even historical parks. Rather than the well-maintained, “man-made” look of public parks, hiking trails tend to have a much more “natural” feel to them. Look for trail maps before you start your journey – oftentimes there will be numerous trails that can really vary in distance and terrain. Also, be sure to take some water or trail mix if you’re going out for a particularly long hike. Remember, hungry hikers are cranky hikers.


There are definitely some purists when it comes to camping, but, to us, there’s no wrong way to go. Whether you want to rough it in a simple tent or drive out in a big mobile camper, the most important thing is that you enjoy the great outdoors. When you camp you’ll get to hike, swim, hang out under the stars and really get back to nature after a winter of staying inside. You may even be able to find a campground in your area that has boat rentals if you want to get on the open(ish) water.

Botanical Garden

Where better to see the flowers of springtime than in an actual garden? Here you’ll be able to stroll around and see a much wider variation of plants than you would if you were just walking around outside. Botanical gardens are also amazing places to learn about plant life. Do you or your kids ever wonder why flowers smell a certain way or why they have all these different colors? Botanical gardens have educational signs placed throughout to enhance your experience.


Okay, so this may not be a traditional “spring” location, but here us out. Spring isn’t just about the blooming flowers and chirping birds. It’s also about throwing off the frost of winter and warming yourself up. And where better to do that than the beach? The water may still be a bit too chilly to really jump in, but when you are playing games in the sun and hearing those ocean waves crash against the shore, you’ll really know that the warmer months are here.

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