Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Different Moms

From the “stay-at-home” to the “workaholic,” we have you covered. Here are a few unique gift ideas for unique Moms.

Personalized Planner

Who? The Organized Mom

Sure, there are plenty of ways to keep your schedule digitally nowadays. And many are helpful and very convenient. However, there’s sometimes it’s great to have a physical planner with you. Some people just love writing down those appointments and taking the time to actually write down your schedule can help you remember important dates and times. Write a special note for your Mom on the first page as a nice way to personalize. You can even add special dates (like birthdays, etc.) to the calendar before you give it to her!

Coffee Machine

Who? The Early Bird Mom

If the Mom in your life is anything like ours, she probably hasn’t gotten a new coffee machine in a while. For the “on-the-go” type you can buy a machine that uses those little plastic coffee pods – they’re quick and easy to clean up. Or, if she likes to take the time to savor, buy her a cappuccino or espresso machine for those mornings that are just made for sitting and enjoying a nice cup of coffee. There are a wide range of options that you can buy for the Mom who needs to get things done in the morning.

What do you get for Mom when you want to switch it up a little? Well, that depends on your Mom.

Nail Polish

Who? The Life of the Party

No matter what you think you know, Moms like to party too. For those nights (or brunches) when they just need to get out of the house, nail polish is a timeless accessory. And, as you know, there are plenty of color options to choose from. If you know she has an absolute favorite brand or color, that’s always a safe option. Or you can buy her something brand new if she’s looking to switch things up or if you’re just tired of buying the same thing. Keep in mind that nail polish color, like any color, goes better in certain seasons than others.


Who? The Outdoors Mom

Sunglasses are one of those things that we all use. The problem though is that the cheaper versions tend to break more often than we’d like. So help your Mom stay cool and keep her eyes shaded with a pair of good quality sunglasses. By investing in a nice pair you’ll get both style and quality and you’ll see that the old adage really is true – you get what you pay for.

Personalized Pendant

Who? The Jewelry Mom

Sure, many Moms love jewelry but how many Moms get jewelry with a personalized touch? Buy your Mom a pendant and get it engraved. Even if the message is simply “Love” or your name, that can mean the world. It means you took the time and extra effort to get that done and that can even mean more than the pendant itself. Unless it’s a really nice pendant. (We’re kidding, of course.) It’s hard to top a present that’s both thoughtful and shiny.

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