How to Impress Mom Without Giving Her a Gift

Things you can do for Mom this Mother’s Day that show just how much she means to you.

We all know the phrase, “it’s the thought that counts” when it comes to buying gifts. Well, that phrase seems doubly true on Mother’s Day. If your Mom isn’t one for “things” or is just too busy to take care of herself, here are some helpful things you can do to make her life that much easier.

Cook Her a Meal

Sure, when you were a kid you may have done the classic “breakfast in bed.” But Mother’s Day is a time to switch things up. Try making her favorite meal (if you know it). Or even make a few days’ worth of food and put them in her fridge. The meals can be made even better if you have some story or memory to go with them. Either tell her when you serve the meal (if it’s one) or write a handwritten note (if it’s more than one meal). It’ll make your Mom feel good to know that so many memories of your childhood have stayed with you for so long. And she’ll get some delicious meals in the process so it’s a win-win.

Clean the House

If your Mom had to tell you a million times to clean your room as a kid, this gift will really show her just how far you’ve come. While it may be easy to do some “surface level” cleaning every day, this is the kind of gift where you really need to get down into the nitty gritty. Scrub the floors, clean the gutters, even get a steam cleaner for the carpet. The more you do now, the less your parents have to do later. Either offer to do it while they’re around or surprise your Mom by having her go out to dinner and see a movie (or play) and do it while she’s gone for the day. Cleaning is good, but a surprise cleaning is great.

Wash Her Car/Clean the Garage

The same rules apply here as house cleaning. If you go with this option, make sure you clean the car as much as you can. If you want, you can even take it out to have it detailed or detail it yourself (making sure to follow specific instructions, which can be found online, on what to do). When it comes to the garage, a lot of people just use theirs for storage, which can be great, but often that means just putting things wherever you can find space. If you have the time, try organizing everything in the garage and even labeling the different boxes (or sections of boxes) to help them find everything. Organization and cleanliness are some of the most thoughtful gifts you can give.

Fix All the Broken Stuff in the House

Leaky pipes. Creaky doors. That one window that always seems to have a draft. There are a lot of household issues that many people never seem to get around to fixing. Well, no longer. Make a list of all the issues that you’ve noticed (or that your Mom has brought up to you before) in your Mom’s house. Prioritize it by order of importance (which can be major issues or just things that really seem to irritate your Mom) and fix the top ones first. That way if you run out of time, at least you’ve fixed the most important things first. Fixing all those little issues will give new life to your Mom’s house and make her feel happy and decrease some of those day-to-day anxieties involved in owning any house.

Update Photos

Most families have boxes and boxes of old photos. Sure, some of the best ones are lucky enough to make it into frames or on the wall, but often you’ll find tons of old photos lingering in boxes or photo albums. We love to look at these family photos, but there just isn’t enough room for all of them. Well now you have plenty of options for digitizing those old photos. There are tons of services both online and in-store that help you digitize old photos and organize them for you so you can store them on a flash drive, CD or in the cloud. Speaking of the cloud, if you have a good scanner at home, you can scan the photos yourself and create your own account on any number of platforms which will save you money. Try organizing them by date or person as well to make it easy on your Mom when she’s trying to find a specific photo. You’ll be giving her a gift as well as preserving your family’s memories for generations.

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