7 Flowers to Tell Mom How Much You Love Her

Find out just what your Mother’s Day Flowers are saying.

Flowers are a classic Mother’s Day gift, but did you know that they can have another message (other than the one you write on the card)? Historically, certain cultures have given specific flowers their own unique meanings. Below you’ll find some of the most popular flowers and just what they’re saying.


Due to their variety of colors and relative inexpensiveness, Carnations are quite popular. Overall they symbolize pride and beauty, but each variation has its own unique spin on that message. Common colors include:
Pink symbolizes feminine love (which might be perfect for Mother’s Day).
Red, as you can imagine, means love and admiration.
Purple represents fickleness (which is a message you may want to avoid today).
Yellow conveys disdain or disappointment (another message you may want to avoid).
White traditionally represents innocence and pure love.


Irises grow well in a wide variety of soils so you can find them in relatively easily in all kinds of climates. They symbolize a kind of classical eloquence. Common colors include:
White irises usually symbolize purity.
Blues are symbolic of faith and hope.
Purple is symbolic of wisdom.
Yellow represents passion.


This fragrant flower is usually grown in slightly warmer regions though there are species of lily that grow in colder weather as well. The Greeks used to associate the lily with birth and motherhood and, because of that, it now usually symbolizes beauty. Common colors include:
White which symbolizes modesty.
Yellow conveys gaiety.
Orange (or tiger lily) represents passion.


Named because they both look like the sun and because of their heliotropism (they tilt toward the sun during the day), the sunflower is a bright addition to any bouquet. It usually signifies adoration, but that can vary by culture. In Chinese culture it means good fortune and vitality and in some Native American cultures it’s a representation of bounty. And, unlike most of the other flowers on this list, the sunflower doesn’t come in many other color variations (though there definitely are a few).


The daffodil is a flower that has different meanings throughout different cultures. (For instance, it’s the official flower of Wales but it’s popular in many cultures including Dutch, Chinese and many more.) It’s often a large part of spring festivals and charity events around the world mostly due to its symbolism of rebirth. Why rebirth? Well, it usually blooms in spring, which makes it a perfect flower to give this Mother’s Day. Oddly, a single daffodil may mean bad luck but a bunch of daffodils mean happiness and joy (so be sure to buy a few).


Due to its complex look and various colors, the orchid is a symbol of exotic, delicate beauty. The orchid grows on every continent (except Antarctica of course) and comes in a wide variety of colors. Common colors include:
Green represents good health.
Purple symbolizes admiration and respect.
Yellow means friendship and joy.
White convey, among other things, humility and elegance.
Pink symbolizes happiness and innocence.


Ah yes, the rose. We could write a whole article about the meaning of roses and their respective colors. Roses are one of the most popular flowers to give so we don’t have to sell you on its fame. Common colors include:
Red mean a deep, emotional love.
Pink symbolizes gentler emotions like gratitude and respect.
Yellow conveys friendship and platonic love.
Orange expresses passion.
Blue, since it’s not a natural color for a rose, means elusive or mysterious.

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