Amazing (and Easy) DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Presents that add the perfect personal touch that every mother will love.

Painted Jewelry Box

While kids may not be able to afford jewelry, they can definitely help you create a memorable place to hold your rings, necklaces and so on. First, you’ll need a blank jewelry box. Wood boxes are the easiest to decorate (and especially to paint). Speaking of, make sure you get some paint and maybe even stencils to help your kids decorate the box. Have each kid sign their name and, if you have time, laminate family photos and put one at the bottom of each drawer. That way the next time she goes to grab a piece of jewelry, she’ll always see your smiling faces.

Kids Artwork Candle

Refrigerators are great and all, but here’s a new way to show off your kids’ artwork. Find the perfect candle to give as a gift for Mother’s Day. Using a tape measure, measure the circumference of the candle and cut pieces of construction or craft paper to that length. Have your kids decorate however they like. Once they’re done, wrap the piece of paper around the candle (if you have more than one kid, try giving each their own candle assignment) and secure the two ends together. You can use tape or even string. Now your house will be filled with amazing scents and fantastic memories.

What makes a great gift? Thoughtfulness. Putting a lot of thought and time into a gift is what makes certain presents last the test of time and become keepsakes.

Notebook with Memories

Find a great notebook (the fancier the better) and, for each page, write a great memory of something that happened that day, making sure to note the day as well. You can have your kids switch off days or, if you only have one child, the two of you can switch off days. It’s great if you can fill it for at least a few months before you give it to her, but if you don’t have time, just write in it for a few days leading up to it and show her the present while telling her that you’ll give it to her again next Mother’s Day. It’s an amazing way to relive small moments of the past year that you may have completely forgotten about.

Planter Box

Flowers are always welcome, but sometimes you aren’t exactly sure where to put them outside of a traditional vase. Well, a planter box is another great solution and you can even put it more than one kind of flower! If you do go with different flowers, be sure to put each in their own flower pot as each breed of flower needs different amounts of water and nutrients. You can buy a box or use any small wooden crate. Try painting the box her favorite color or, if planting more than one flower, paint each portion of the box a complimentary color.

Fingerprint Vase

Speaking of vases, here’s another opportunity to give a very literal “personal touch” to your gift this Mother’s Day. Using paint (or finger paint if you have smaller children) have everyone in the house dip their fingertips into the paint and gently place on a clear glass vase (or any other clear glass decorations you prefer). Make sure they hold it for a minute so the paint itself sticks better to the glass. Also, use all different kinds of colors to really make it pop! You’ll not only add a colorful decoration to your house, but one that will always remind you of that special day.

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