5 of the Best Ways to Treat Yourself This Mother’s Day

Today’s your day so here’s how to make the most of it.

Getting cards, breakfast in bed, and flowers are always great on Mother’s Day. But what’s the best thing you can ask for? Maybe a little alone time is just what you need. Here are 5 of our favorite ways you can get some quiet time and treat yourself on Mother’s Day.

Get Outside

Sometimes as a Mom you get stuck inside the house so spending some quiet time outside can be a little bit of a luxury. But today is your day, so get outside and get some fresh air. Try not going on social media as well and just enjoy the peace and quiet. If it’s a nice enough day, the beach is always a great trip or a stroll through a local park. Even if you’re just able to take a nice quiet walk around the block, you’ll find that taking a little time to yourself can be hugely relaxing.

Pamper Yourself

The whole day should be about taking care of yourself! But what’s that old saying about “feeling good and looking good?" Sometimes a pick-me-up can come from just knowing that you look great. Take some time to get your hair done, get a manicure and pedicure. Do something for yourself that you haven’t done in a while and really miss. If you have the day to yourself, take as much time as you want. The less stressed for time you are, the more relaxed you can be while you have other people take care of you.

Tea Time

No, not golf (though sports might not be a bad idea either). Try to get some of your friends together and go out for a classic British high tea. Traditionally, tea time is from 3-5pm, but many restaurants will serve it for most of the late morning/early afternoon. You’ll be treated to a pot of tea as well as various baked goods and finger sandwiches. And if there aren’t any places near you that serve it, you can easily find menus online and you and your friends can make your own. Nothing says “relaxing” quite as uniquely as having a nice tea party.

Custom-Made Perfume

You probably have a favorite scent you wear. But what if you got a new favorite scent and it was all yours? Many perfume and fragrance stores offer you the ability to combine scents. You’ll have to ask if they do that, but many department stores have perfumes that are perfect for mixing. You may even be able to find a few smaller mom-and-pop shops that do as well. Tell the employees which scents you usually wear or even what kind of scents you particularly like. They should be able to help you experiment and find a blend that’s perfect for you.


If you’re a Mom you know how difficult it can be to get a few moments alone to yourself. Getting a few minutes (or hours) to refresh your mind and body can be invaluable. Either sign up for a local class or just find a few videos online and do their exercises in your own home (once your other half takes the kids out for the day of course). You’ll feel so much better once you’re able to clear your mind and stretch your body. Now you’ll be relaxed and ready for whatever comes next.

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