DIY Family-Friendly New Year's Party Crafts

Ring in the new year with these simple and stunning projects

Remember when New Year’s Eve took weeks of planning and wardrobe editing to choose the perfect outfit? These days, you might be yearning for a simpler, less hectic way to ring in the new year. For those who want to trade adults-only fun times for family friendly activities next month, we’ve listed some of our favorite DIY crafts that you can create with your kids, which won’t break the bank. Plus, you’ll have some gorgeous decorations to show for it!

If you’re looking to work on a few different projects at once, set up an activity table by covering your coffee or dining room table with a cheap cloth or packing paper. You can even set up craft stations, allowing little Picasso’s to move on to another project while the last is drying. This way, your family can have room to spread out and you can all work together.

Tissue paper flowers

Tissue paper is inexpensive, easy to find and a great way to brighten up your New Year’s decorations.

For these you’ll need:
Tissue paper (your choice of color/pattern)
Pipe cleaners
Vase (or small jars)

• Stack a few different colors together and fold over an inch. Flip the whole stack and fold it another time on the other side. Repeat these steps until the whole stack is folded.
• Fold the stack once more lengthwise. Wrap the one pipe cleaner around the middle with part of it still pointing out to look like a “stem.” Do that again near the top of the stack and again at the bottom.
• Cut the stack into 3 segments (with a pipe cleaner in the middle of each). Hold onto the pipe cleaner and gently lift each layer. And voila – each segment creates a colorful paper flower!

Party hats

If your kids want to add some creativity to their New Year’s Eve outfits, party hats are the perfect accessory. There are a few ways you can go with this:

• Newspaper is a great (and cheap) option for a base. You can use it to make anything from paper crowns to the old-fashioned newspaper triangle hat.
• Cone party hats have that traditional “New Year’s Eve Party” look and are super easy to make. You can either buy a cheap set of white cones and decorate or you can download a template online and print out your own pattern, cut it out and tape it together! Add fuzzy pompoms, stickers, markers and glitter to the table so that each family member can create their own fun look!

Balloon drop or ball drop at midnight

For a lot of people New Year’s isn’t New Year’s without watching the ball drop. Well, you can create your very own ball to celebrate midnight at any hour with a mini-Times Square in your living room.

Balloon Drop
You’ll need:
2 pieces of lightweight fabric
Scotch tape

• Put the two pieces of fabric side by side and use one long piece of scotch tape to attach them. Make sure you leave a long loose end on one side so you can pull the tape off and release the balloons.
• Securely tape each of the four corners to the ceiling. Make sure to leave it loose so that you can add the balloons.
• Blow up the balloons (we recommend a balloon pump if you have one) and add them to the fabric net. Once it hits midnight (or earlier for young ones) countdown and help your kids pull the long loose end to release the balloons!

Ball Drop
For this you’ll need:
Polystyrene Foam Ball
Rubber stopper with adhesive
PVC Pipe

• First cut a hole in the polystyrene foam ball large enough for the PVC pipe to fit through. You can also find some balls with the hole already in it.
• Decorate the ball with whatever you like, foil, glitter, paint – it’s the end of the year so really go nuts.
• Take the PVC pipe (of whatever length you like – we recommend 5-6 feet) and make a mark 6-12 inches apart (depending on the size of the pipe) to mark each hour to 11:59pm with the numbers in ascending order.
• As you hit the marked hours, raise the ball up to the mark for each of those levels. So, if you make 6 marks, 6pm is at the bottom and 11:59 is at the top. Each time you raise the ball, put the rubber stopper under the ball so that it stays.
• Once you get to the very top, get your whole family to countdown, release the stopper and watch the ball drop to commemorate the new year!

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