4 Easy Ways to Make Your Family’s New Year’s Party a Hit

Planning for the perfect New Year’s Eve party can get hectic enough to throw in the towel but it doesn’t have to be that hard. Here are 4 super simple ways to make the evening both pain-free and memorable.

Decorate with memories

New Year’s Eve can be a time to reflect on all the good times we’ve had with our friends. Your guests will love a trip down memory lane to round out a great year. A few days before the party, sit down with your family and go through some of your favorite memories of the year and make a list. Scroll through all your photos and try to find the best ones to reflect these occasions. Once you’ve all found your favorites, print them out and places them throughout the house in different frames or just using picture clips with adhesive backs. Highlight the photos by stringing white holiday lights around them. This way you’ll relive the best moments of the past year with your friends and family before you all move forward with thinking about what next year may bring.

Make the kids’ table special

Giving kids their own table is great for multi-generation events. Why not give children a sense of having something that’s just “theirs” by letting them decorate it so they can show off their skills to their friends! Cover their table with brown paper you can easily find by the roll and provide crayons so that they can doodle or send messages to one another. Another option is to let them decorate their own cups with a glue stick and glitter shapes. If you want to go that extra mile, tie some helium balloons to the backs of their chairs. After dinner, they can tie them to their wrists. That way, you know where they are when it gets a little crowded.

Dotted fruit cake

Although it’s not technically a “fruit cake” this little cake can serve to satisfy a sweet tooth and as a colorful way to help decorate for the party. All you need is a traditional cake, icing and some fruit leather. Make whatever kind of cake you like best and cover it with vanilla frosting or white fondant. (Fondant tends to look a little better, but some don’t like the taste as much as pure frosting so that part is up to you.) Next, use a cookie cutter mold to cut shapes in your favorite kind of fruit leather. Place the circles of fruit leather on the cake and make sure they’re evenly spaced apart. You will need to press a little more firmly if you used fondant to ensure that it sticks to the side.

If you’re looking to really jazz up your party, make mini-cakes and repeat the process a few times. You’ll be able to try different cake flavors and give your party a one-of-a-kind decoration!

Celebrate Another Country’s New Year

Maybe you’re just looking to switch things up or maybe your party will have kids that may not be able to stay up until midnight – either way, you could try ringing in the new year a bit early. Instead of celebrating as you usually do, find a country that celebrates New Year’s Eve before your time zone. For example, England is 5 hours ahead of the east coast of the US so their midnight is New York’s 7pm. Do some research on New Year’s traditions for whatever country you choose – what they may eat, what they wear, etc. and try to replicate it for your party. Or choose a few different countries and break out a snack from that country for their New Year’s Eve. You’ll not only create a memorable party, but you’ll also give the kids a unique experience, that they may not have had otherwise!

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