7 Best Small (and Cheap) Gifts this Holiday Season

This holiday season big ‘wows’ can come with small price tags. Here are some amazing, and inexpensive, gifts they’ll love.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a co-worker or one of your many nieces or nephews, you probably need to buy a lot of gifts this holiday season. Just because they’re small gifts, doesn’t mean they can’t pack a big punch. Here are some of our favorite mini gifts for the holiday season that won’t break the bank.

Portable Smartphone Battery

You can find these small wonders for pretty cheap nowadays and they really extend the life of all your family’s electronics. Whether you’re travelling, camping or just on the go, your family members won’t have to worry about finding an outlet. Many of these portable batteries work for a wide range of devices and, even if they don’t work for everything, you can find an adapter to make them work for pretty much any brand or device. Ranging from “pretty expensive” to “surprisingly cheap” there are a lot of stores that offer these little lifesavers from retail chains to local pharmacies. You can also find great deals on these, and many electronics, online around the holidays.

Personalized Centerpieces

At many arts and crafts stores, you’ll be able to find the perfect combination of materials to make your own unique centerpieces without spending too much. Holiday candles are available in a variety of colors (and scents) so you can use them to beautify any centerpiece. For example, place candles on a decorative plate and simply garnish with garland and plastic (or real) cranberries. Or if you already have a multi-tiered plate display, you can use that to place small trinkets, candies or even holiday cards and photos on to create a nostalgic centerpiece that’s filled with memories. If you’re looking for something even cheaper, don’t forget nature can be your friend too. Accent a small log (be sure to place something under it) with some pinecones and small branches or store-bought ferns and plastic pieces to create a natural and lush centerpiece.

Beard Trimmer

These little groomers keep facial hair in check and are more inexpensive than you might think. Beard trimmers are one of the many things men use on a semi-regular basis and don’t think to buy for themselves. Even for men who don’t have facial hair, these can be useful tools helping them to shape or eliminate sideburns or with the right attachment, even get rid of pesky nose hairs. There are plenty of options when it comes to features and attachments so you can customize based on who you’re buying for. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for someone with a full beard or a clean-shaven guy – they can all use a small efficient hair trimmer. And they don’t have to be bank busters - many stores have their own (i.e. cheaper) trusted brands too if you don’t want to shell out for the big name brands.


Whether you go with an over-the-ear or in-ear headphone, you have plenty of options to choose from – options that also include whether you’re using them for everyday use, working out, listening to music or even editing videos. However, no matter what you use them for, most headphones work for any occasion. With some good research, you can find headphones that offer high-quality sound that are a fraction of the price of some of the biggest name brands out there. In addition, there are a lot of companies online that create unique designs for their headphones – giving them a distinct look and feel. Some places even let you customize your own if you want to get really creative (and a little pricey). But that just goes to show that you really do have a myriad of options when it comes to headphones.

Phone Case

As with the headphones, phone cases come in all shapes, colors and designs so you can get something that perfectly matches the interests of any family member – all while protecting that fancy gadgetry we can’t live without. Options range from the cute (but unprotective) to the cute (but super protective) – it all depends on what style you’re looking for. And forget those old notions that protective phone cases have to be huge and blocky – many of the best cases out there now are slim and barely add any weight or size to your phone. You can also find cases with unique features such as extra battery life or beauty lighting to help get that perfect selfie.

Coloring book with pencils

For that special someone who needs to embrace their inner creativity, you may have heard (you definitely have), that coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore. Many adults use them as a way to deal with stress and unwind. Whether you’re buying for a 5 year old or a 50 year old, you can find something they’ll like. Many kids already have their own colored pencils/crayons, but you can also get fancy if you like by buying gel pens for the older kids or one big box of pencils for the whole family. As for the books themselves, there are tons of options out there ranging from well-known characters and movies to simple repeating patterns like the ones seen here. And since these books tend to be on the cheap side, you’ll be able to buy one for everybody and keep them busy for days to come.


Okay, we know we badmouthed socks earlier, but hear us out. Gone are the days when a pair of socks was considered a less-than-perfect gift. Colorful patterned socks are everywhere and becoming more and more popular. No matter your age, brightly patterned socks give a little pizzaz the most professional look a touch of fun. If you want to dress it up even more, argyle socks are always an option and come in some amazing and fun colors. Either way, it adds a dash of personality without being too distracting. And if you want to keep the whole “holiday” feel going, there are plenty of options to choose from – from seasonal patterns to any number of color combinations. Sorry traditional tie, there’s a new holiday accessory in town.

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