5 DIY Decorations for the Holidays

You don’t have to break the bank in order to be festive. Here’s how you can decorate – and still have plenty left over for presents.

There’s nothing like decorating for the holidays with friends and family. Sometimes though the festivities can be a little, shall we say, expensive? They don’t have to be though. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite ways to furnish your home with holiday cheer on the cheap.

Holiday pinecones

Pinecones are an age-old symbol of wintry opulence. Unlike flowers, they last forever, smell great and you can find them anywhere. The easiest way to use pinecones throughout the house is to place them inverted into small pots and urns. Or glue a little red (or gold or green) ribbon to the top and tie off. You can use these simple decorations to add holiday cheer to a tree or on doorknobs throughout the house. If you want your pinecones to sparkle, you can use a brush to apply craft glue to the tips of the cone. Sprinkle glitter over it for a first snow of the season look. To hang the snowy gems on the tree, twist a small screw eye into the woody end and pull a ribbon through for an instant decoration.

DIY paper garland

To bring some old fashioned charm to your interior, paper garlands are a lovely accent to walls, tables, trees, even doorways. Interlocking snowflakes and colorful paper rings are just two of the many designs you can either craft yourself or find templates for online. If you have tried these and want to up your craft game, tissue paper garland tassels are popular right now and the effect can be stunning. All you need to do is find the tissue paper you like, fold it in half, cut some vertical strips making sure to leave 2 inches at the top, unfold and then twist the paper to make a loop. Pull your yarn or string through and repeat as many times as you like. The whole family can work on these together for a memorable holiday experience.

Decorative wine bottles

If there has been plenty of holiday cheer at your house this season, your recycling might be overflowing right now. Before you take it to the curb, consider repurposing your empty wine bottles. If you are putting on a spread and want to bring a little fun to the table, peel the labels off your bottles, cover them in blackboard paint and give your guests some chalk. It’s a novel way for them to entertain themselves and they can even take them home! If you still have your caps and corks handy, you can fill your bottles with candy. All you need to do is add a bow for an excellent gift. If you’d like to add a little ambiance during the cooler winter months, simply insert a short string of Christmas lights into a bottle wrapped in your favorite textiles. You’ll feel extra cozy with a few of these bottle night lights placed around the room.

Holiday season card display

Remember when you used to collect your season’s greetings cards as a kid? It’s still great fun to receive real paper cards and why not show them off? Some cards are really beautiful and our kids will love being reminded of distant loved ones. Using a few mini clothes pins, hang your cards from lights or string for a home-made garland. For those extra special cards and an extra dash of décor, use an empty frame and hang the cards in the middle. If you repurposing is your jam try using the best visual elements of your card collection as decoration. Take a cookie cutter and trace around the best part of the card then cut around the line for interesting seasonal shapes. Punch a hole through the shapes and tie a ribbon on them for perfect decorations which also have sentimental value!

Season’s greetings chalkboard

Give your whole family an easy way to put their own personal stamp on holiday decorations. Hobby stores sell small chalkboards that kids (of all ages) can use to write unique holiday messages or create one-of-a-kind drawings. Put a small piece of yarn on the back to hang them from a mantle or tree. You can even change the message to greet your guests or tell someone how much you love them. If you are hosting a get together, flip the board over and use it as a serving tray. You can write out the ingredients of your best dishes or personalize your service. If you and your kids like to count down the days, a strategically placed chalkboard can heighten the giddy anticipation.

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