5 Best Uses for Left Over Gift Wrapping

Are you one of those that fills 3 garbage bags with left over wrapping paper? Such a waste, right? Here we give you the most useful ways to use your left over gift wrapping. Not only will these nifty ideas add a little charm to your home, they are really easy!

Line shelves, drawers and trays

Contain your precious things in a timeless way by adding a touch of glamour to your drawers and shelves with beautiful lining. This part is easy: all you have to do is measure the bottom of your drawer or shelf and place the wrapping paper accordingly. If you are worried about it shifting place, glue gum will do the trick. Give your pantry shelves the same treatment by choosing the wrapper with the most pizzaz. Grabbing the salt has never been more fun! Plus, you can easily replace it when it gets stained. If you want to go that extra mile next time you entertain, line your serving trays with paper to make your guests feel extra special.

Decorative box stuffing

With so many loved ones overseas, we often send gifts via mail. Why not use recycled wrapping paper to protect your precious cargo? Or, if you happen to have access to a paper shredder, you can stuff boxes with the most delightful shredded stuffing for that extra special touch. If you are handling breakables, you can push some reused tissue paper or thin wrapping paper inside to protect them. If you are giving to small children that love tearing the wrapping paper off, you can add another layer of wrapping for double the fun. Either way, they will know you have gone the extra mile.

DIY cards

Everyone loves homemade cards and with all of the gorgeous wrapping paper out there, why not use it to add a little sparkle to your own craft? You can either measure and glue wrapping paper onto the front of your card or you can make a collage using your favorite designs. You can also line your envelopes with gift wrapping to add a little something extra to your store-bought cards. Combine with a little sparkle glue and a personalized message and you’ll have a masterpiece on your hands in no time.

Unique confetti

Perfect for office parties, family gatherings and dinners, confetti made from wrapping paper is delightful! To add that special touch to your next event, shred your wrapping (it helps if you mix up the paper while you are doing it) to form the most special confetti. This looks especially festive on serving trays and table settings. You can use confetti to decorate plant pots, fill balloons, for decoupage and even to decorate Easter eggs, all you need is a little craft glue and 5 minutes.

Save it

The most obvious use for wrapping paper is to save it. Your friends and family have spent so much time choosing special wrapping paper, it’s a great thing to reuse it. Plus, if you are giving a lot of gifts over the holiday season, it’s nice to mix it up instead of sending gifts that look all the same. The first step is to be careful opening the gift so that you don’t tear the paper! Once you have the paper in hand, lay it flat. If you are opening a lot of gifts, put the paper in a flat file instead of stuffing it into a garbage bag or folding it up. This way, you minimize the creases. When you have all of you paper sorted out, iron it. Don’t worry about the tape, you may never see it when you reuse it. Next, roll it around an existing gift wrapper roll. It doesn’t matter if there is already paper on it. The more the merrier!

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