5 Unique and Useful Father’s Day Gifts

Ditch the same old gifts and try out some new favorites

We all have our old standards for Father’s Day – that one present you know he’ll like. But why not try something new? Here’s a list of some gifts that might just surprise the Dad in your life.

Iced Coffee Maker

Sure, he may have a coffee maker, but he probably doesn’t have one like this. If you want to tell everyone he’s the hippest Dad on the block (we almost said “coolest” but we wanted to avoid the pun) – get him an iced coffee maker. Rather than just cooling down hot coffee, many of these coffee makers actually create a cold brew that makes the coffee naturally sweeter (cutting down on any sugar he may put in) and less acidic. It works similarly to tea where you let a bag filled with ground coffee steep in water overnight. The resulting coffee is smoother than traditionally brewed coffee – just get ready for all those dad jokes about how his coffee is just as smooth as he is.

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Heavy Duty Tool Cabinet

Is the Dad in your life the kind of guy that has more than one tool box? The big one. And the small one. And the one under the kitchen sink. And a few other tools laying around the garage just for good measure. Well keep all those tools in a sturdy heavy duty tool cabinet. There are plenty to choose from. Metal tends to make a lot of noise, but it does keep everything safe. Heavy plastic ones tend to help mitigate the noise. If he has a lot of tools, try buying a rolling cabinet. They’re larger and the wheels tend to make everything a lot easier to move around. Lastly, if you have small children, make sure to buy one that have a latch or lock to keep them from getting in there.

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Wearable Fitness Tracker

The perfect gift for someone who keeps saying they need to get off the couch. Or even for someone who’s a fitness nut. Really it’s just a great gift overall. Wearable fitness trackers come in a wide variety of colors, designs and materials. Most come in a sleek, slim design that offer a modern look. Many models now allow you to sync your activity with your smartphone and keep track of everything in one app. Whether they’re running their first 5k or their hundredth marathon, Dad will be able to keep track of his progress and make sure he stays on track to cross that finish line.

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Ah yes, the perfect warm weather sleeper – the hammock. Getting in a hammock and taking a quick nap is the perfect complement to any summer day. And they’re not as hard to put up as you might have thought. In fact, many only require a few simple steps of set up and then dad will be lounging in no time. And you don’t need to have trees either. Spreader hammocks and travel hammocks can come with poles which you place into the ground and you tie the hammock to those rather than to a nearby pair of trees. This is the gift that keeps on giving … your moments of silence while he takes a nap outside.

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Shave Kit

Sure, he has a razor and aftershave, but does he have a real shave kit? If you’re wondering what the difference is, you’re not alone. Shave kits come in a variety of sizes, but they all offer various shaving staples and accessories. In addition to razors, many come with shave foam (or gel) and aftershave. Past that you’ll find some with things like pre-shave oil, a shave brush, or even a handy carry case for the whole thing. One of the best things about buying a shave kit is that he’ll not only have everything in one easy-to-find kit, but all the scents complement one another. With that kind of thoroughness, it’s like he’s getting professional-level shave in the comfort and convenience of his own home.

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