About Security and Phishing

Identity Theft:

Identity theft occurs when someone uses your name and personal information to assume your identity either to open new credit accounts, bank accounts, mobile phone accounts, and more in your name or to assume ownership of existing accounts you may legitimately hold.

What To Watch Out For:

While identity theft may begin with the loss or theft of your wallet or purse, there are a number of other ways that identity thieves can obtain your personal information:

- Phishing occurs when someone tricks you into divulging personal, financial or account information. Thieves may send out e-mails that have the appearance of a legitimate email from service providers, asking you to reply, or direct you to a fraudulent web page that asks you to provide personal information. If you feel you’ve received a suspicious email you can send it to spoof@servicing.plenti.com

- Phone Phishing (also called "Vishing") is another way thieves try to collect sensitive information from you. In this type of fraud, they will either contact you by telephone or send you a fake e-mail and ask for you to respond by telephone

Thieves may acquire records containing your personal information and/or account information from intercepted mail or other records sent to you or from third parties with whom you interact in your normal course of business where such information is disclosed.

How Plenti Helps Protect You

Your security is very important to us. In an effort to safeguard your information, Plenti helps to actively protect your account. We take various measures to help ensure the safety and security of your account, for example:

- User ID and Password

When you enroll, Plenti will ask you to provide an email address and password that you’ll use each time you access your account online.

- Redemption Code or PIN

The Redemption Code or PIN associated with your Plenti account is a four digit code you create upon full enrollment to help protect against fraudulent transactions where points are used. Protect your Redemption Code / PIN and never reveal it to anyone, not even Plenti Customer Service representatives. If you’ve forgotten your Redemption Code/PIN, you can reset it online or over the phone through the automated menu prompts.

- Monitoring Your Account for Suspicious Transactions

Plenti has fraud monitoring systems and controls in place to detect fraudulent activity and help protect your accounts from misuse.

-Irregular Account Activity Alert

If we detect a questionable transaction on your account, we will take measures to monitor your account and/or we may contact you to verify its legitimacy.

- Email Confirmation Notice

Plenti will send you an automatic email confirmation when you change personal details on your account. If you received such an email and did not make any changes to your account, call our customer service unit.

What You Can Do

Protecting Yourself

At Plenti, we work hard to protect you from fraud, but your active involvement plays a very important role. Here are some simple and important steps you can take to help reduce your risk

- Monitor Your Account Activity Online

Regularly accessing your account online is a great way to stay up to date on recent activity and monitor your account for irregular activity.

- Create A Unique Password and Personal Identification Number

When creating your online password and PIN, avoid using easy-to-find information such as your date of birth or the last four digits of your Social Security number. Also, be sure to use different passwords across all your online accounts, and consider updating all of your passwords regularly.

- Avoid Giving Out Personal Information Over the Phone

Plenti does not need or use your social security number and would never ask for it. Identity thieves often pose as a representative of a recognized organization and contact you to "verify" your account information. In particular, you should look out for this if you are not the one who initiated the phone call. If you are contacted by someone who claims to be from Plenti, you can always verify their legitimacy by instead calling customer service directly.

If you are a Victim

If you believe that you are a victim of identity theft, inform Plenti as soon as possible by contacting Customer Service. Also visit the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website for step-by-step guidelines on how to repair the damage caused by identity theft.