The Plenti program will end on July 10, 2018. On that date, any unredeemed Plenti points will expire. You should use your Plenti points by July 10, 2018.

Exxon Mobil and the Plenti Rewards Program

Plenti of rewards by the gallon at Exxon and Mobil

Earn Plenti points at participating Exxon or Mobil stations:

  • 1 pt for every gallon of fuel
  • 2 pts for every dollar on eligible non fuel purchases

Use Plenti points for savings:

200 pts can get you at least $2 in savings on qualifying purchases at BI-LO, Exxon, Harveys, Mobil, Rite Aid and Winn-Dixie

Click here for details on exclusions and restrictions

Ways to use Plenti at participating Exxon and Mobil stations:

Plenti Card
Type in card #
Speedpass +

Forgot your Plenti card? Enter your phone # or 16-digit Plenti card #. Find your card # on your Plenti key tag or in the mobile app

Use your Plenti card before you fill up

Earn points at the pump by inserting your card first

  • Insert your Plenti card
  • Follow the screen instruction to complete your gas purchase
  • Forgot your card? Enter your 16-digit Plenti card number on the keypad at the pump. You can find it on your Plenti key tag or in the mobile app.

    On certain pumps, you will need to press the "Loyalty" button first - just look for the Plenti instructions posted near the key pad.

And, don't forget to present your card inside a participating convenience store to earn even more points!

Use points at the pump and participating convenience stores

Once you have 200 Plenti points to use, the screen will prompt you to use points towards your purchase. Select “Yes” to use points for savings, or “No” to continue without using points. Note that selecting the exact number of points to use is not currently available.

In certain locations Plenti is only available for outside purchases and is not available at the convenience store.