What registration information does Plenti collect about me?

Registration Information collected by Plenti falls into two main categories —

Registration Information: When you become a Plenti member, you provide us with personal information such as name, address, salutation (such as Mr. or Ms.), date of birth, email address and phone number as part of your General Account info. This information is necessary to clearly identify the owner of your account and protect it from misuse.

Account Activity: When you participate in Plenti or link existing partner loyalty cards, or use your Plenti identifier, you authorize us and our partners to collect information such as your purchases, offers you redeem or other information related to your transactions in order to earn and use points. You may also choose to link your credit card so you can earn points on Local Dining, but this is not a requirement to complete your Plenti account.

For additional details on the information Plenti may collect, please see our Online Privacy Statement and Consumer Privacy Notice.

Please note, Plenti does not receive detailed information about prescriptions you pick up at Rite Aid.

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