What happens if rewards points disappear or were never accredited?

First, check your points activity to see if any points are pending. Depending on the retailer, it can take a maximum of 90 days for points to be officially added to your points balance. Also, check if you returned or canceled a purchase that gave you points. The points from that purchase may have been revoked upon return.

If you think you are missing Plenti points earned with one of our partners, please visit the partner’s page for further information on how to resolve your issue, or to learn more about the amount of time required for Plenti points from that partner to post to your account.

If you think you are missing Plenti points earned from the Online Marketplace, please contact us with the required information below so that we can help resolve your issue: description of the issue, order date, order number, order amount (excluding tax and shipping), merchant name, member ID, terms (if possible). If a travel purchase, please state the date the travel was completed.

If the earned points were over 2 years old as of last December 31st, they have expired and cannot be returned.

If you suspect your points have been stolen, please contact us or call us at 1-855-PLENTI1 (1-855-753-6841). Please have your Plenti card number ready when you call.

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