How does the Plenti Online Marketplace work?

To earn points for online purchases, log on to or open the app and access the Online Marketplace within the site under “Earn Points”. The Online Marketplace links to hundreds of online retailers, and when you click any online retailer's listing, you'll be directed to that retailer's website where you can shop and earn Plenti points.

Please Note: In order to earn Plenti points for your purchase, you must follow a link to the retailer’s website directly from Plenti’s Online Marketplace. When on a retailer’s website, do not close your browser until you have completed your purchase. Also, please make sure your browser settings are not blocking cookies from the retailer’s website.

When you shop the Online Marketplace, you can:
• Boost your Plenti points balance.
• Take advantage of retailers' discounts and specials.
• Access and compare hundreds of retailers through a one-stop shopping website.
• Purchase items you might typically buy elsewhere.

Note: Plenti points will not be earned on purchases made through a retailer’s mobile app. Make sure to shop through to ensure that you earn points when you shop online.

To learn about the different ways to earn Plenti points, click the link.

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