Plenti Offers and Points

What are partner offers and how do they work?

Partner offers are a way to earn even more rewards points. Some Plenti partners provide specially-selected offers where you can earn extra Plenti points when you make a purchase that fulfills the offer’s terms. To take advantage, simply browse available offers here at or in the Plenti app and when you see an offer you like, click the “Activate” button. The offer will then be saved to your Activated Offers page.

Once you have activated an offer, you may immediately redeem it to boost your points balance. If not, it will stay in Activated Offers page until you use it, or until it expires. To redeem your offer and earn rewards points, use your Plenti card when making the purchase associated with the offer.

While most offers are good for redemption in store or online, some offers marked as “Online Only” need you to make the purchase on the partner’s website for points – click the button to activate and redeem the offer.

Plenti partner offers are updated regularly, so be sure to check for the latest offers.

How do automatic offers work?

Automatic offers work just like other offers except they do not require manual activation. You’ll find them on your Activated Offers page. To take advantage of them, simply present your Plenti card at checkout and meet the offer requirements (such as purchase of a specific item).

What should I do if I don’t see the rewards points I earned from partner offers?

Most Plenti rewards points earned from partner offers will be added to your account within 5 days. In some cases, Plenti points may not be credited for up to 90 days after the transaction. During this time, you may see them in your points activity as “pending.” Check your points activity regularly at or in the Plenti app to see your current rewards points balance.

What if I never use my activated offers?

Activated offers are saved on or on the Plenti app so that you can revisit them any time. If one of your activated offers has an expiration date and it is set to expire soon, “Expires Soon” will be displayed on that offer. If you don’t redeem your activated offer before the expiration date it will no longer be available for use.

If I redeem partner offers to earn Plenti points, am I still eligible to earn my standard store loyalty benefits?

In many cases, you will still earn your standard store loyalty benefits when you redeem offers with Plenti partners. However, different terms and conditions apply depending on the offer and partner. Please visit the partners page for more details.

Why am I getting different offers from my friends and family?

Plenti doesn’t flood you with generic or random offers. You only get offers we think you’ll love. Be sure to finish sign-up at or on our mobile app, so you can use your points and enjoy the most relevant offers while earning more points.

Points Expiration is coming soon. Can I get them back if they’ve expired?

No, once Plenti points have expired, you cannot get them back. But, earning more is easy to do! See the How to Earn Points page to learn all the ways to earn Plenti points.

Do Plenti rewards points expire?

Yes – sadly, unlike diamonds, rewards points aren’t forever. On December 31 each year, any points that are at least 2 years old will expire and will no longer be available for use.

How can I use my Plenti points?

Using your Plenti rewards points saves you money on eligible purchases at certain partners. But unlike other rewards programs or loyalty cards, Plenti gives you the opportunity to earn points at one place and redeem them in another, creating a range of options for you to earn and save.

No matter where you earned them, you can redeem points for savings at BI-LO, Chili’s, Exxon, Harveys, Macy’s, Mobil, Rite Aid and Winn-Dixie. You can even use points and earn points inthe same transaction!

To use points on a purchase, simply present your Plenti card at checkout and follow the instructions(if you don’t have your card, you can use your digital card or enter your phone number and PIN). For online purchases at Macy’s and Rite Aid, you can enter your Plenti card number at checkout.

1,000 rewards points translates to at least $10 in savings, so check your current points balance and learn how to earn more points today!

Note: At Exxon and Mobil stations, there is a 2,500 Plenti points maximum limit per purchase.

How do I earn Plenti points?

There are plenty of ways to earn Plenti points! Our variety of partners and participating retailers helps you easily earn points on the things you buy every day. Use any or all of these options to boost your points balance:

With Plenti partners:

1.) Present your Plenti card (or key tag, phone number, or digital card, depending on the store policy) at partner locations. Then, earn points when you make eligible purchases (see exclusions here). Note: Some of our partners require you to link a Plenti account with your partner loyalty account to earn points.

2.) Some partners have relevant, specially-selected offers where you can earn Plenti points once you fulfill the offer’s terms. Simply activate the offer online or on the app, then use your Plenti rewards card when making the purchase associated with that offer. Plenti points will be added to your account within 5 days for you to save money on future purchases. Browse offers here at or onour mobile app to help you boost your points balance.

Is there a minimum number of Plenti rewards points I need?

You need at least 200 Plenti rewards points in your account balance to be able to use them on eligible purchases at certain partners. This is also the minimum number of points you’re able to use per transaction. (At Exxon and Mobil you may be required to use all your points if you want to use them in a given transaction.)

If you have less than 200 rewards points, it’s time to start earning more! There are over a dozen Plenti partner companies, where you can earn points in store and online.

How can I check my Plenti rewards points balance?

Plenti members can check their rewards points balance at or in the Plenti app. Simply log in to your account and your current points balance will appear at the top of the homepage. You can also check “Points Activity” to see a rundown of your recent Plenti transactions, including how many points you’ve used, how many you have earned and any that may be pending.

How long does it take for me to see the rewards points I have earned?

We cannot credit points to your account until we receive information about your qualifying purchase from our Plenti partners. In most instances, we will receive this information within 48 hours. However, depending on the retailer, it can take up to 90 days for points to be added to your points balance. Check your points activity regularly at or on the mobile app, and learn about the different ways to earn Plenti points.

Can I share Plenti points with my friends and family?

Yes, Plenti allows up to three members to share points in a pooled account. If you would like to share points with other members, call us at 1-855-PLENTI1 (1-855-753-6841) to get started. Please have your Plenti card number ready when you call.

Please note, once you establish a pooled account, points cannot be “unshared.” Should you decide to opt out of your pooled account, you will be required to cancel your account and relinquish any Plenti points in that pooled account.

What happens if rewards points disappear or were never accredited?

First, check your points activity to see if any points are pending. Depending on the retailer, it can take a maximum of 90 days for points to be officially added to your points balance. Also, check if you returned or canceled a purchase that gave you points. The points from that purchase may have been revoked upon return.

If you think you are missing Plenti points earned with one of our partners, please visit the partner’s page for further information on how to resolve your issue, or to learn more about the amount of time required for Plenti points from that partner to post to your account.

If the earned points were over 2 years old as of last December 31st, they have expired and cannot be returned.

If you suspect your points have been stolen, please contact us or call us at 1-855-PLENTI1 (1-855-753-6841). Please have your Plenti card number ready when you call.

What are Plenti points worth?

200 Plenti points are generally worth at least $2 in savings. For example, if you have 3,500 rewards points you can save around $35 on your next eligible purchase with certain Plenti partners.

What are pending points?

Pending points are Plenti rewards points you have earned that have not been officially added to your account yet. During this time, you’ll see them in your points activity as “pending.” You will be able to use these points once their status has been changed to “added” in your account.

What happens to Plenti rewards points if I return a purchased item?

When you return an item you earned Plenti points on, the points you earned may be deducted from your account. Please check your points activity.

Can I earn points and redeem them in the same purchase?

Yes, some Plenti partners let you earn rewards points even when you are already using points to save on that transaction. You’ll earn points on the full amount of the purchase, before savings are taken into account.

Do I need to save my receipts to earn rewards points?

No, you don’t need to save receipts to earn points. When you use your Plenti rewards card or other accepted identifier, points will be automatically updated soon after. Check your points balance at or the mobile app.

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