Do I still have to use my Plenti card if it is already linked to a credit card?

Using a credit or debit card linked to your account will not translate in Plenti points, so you still need to show your physical or digital card at checkout, or enter your phone number. However, this allows you to earn points for purchases using any payment method accepted by the Plenti partner, such as cash, credit or debit card.

The only exceptions are:
• If you link your Macy’s credit card, you’ll automatically earn Plenti points on qualifying items purchased with that card. Learn more about the Macy’s credit card.
• At Local Dining participating locations, only the payment card registered to your Plenti account will earn you points, so you don’t have to show your Plenti card. Learn more about Local Dining.
• The Plenti Credit Card from American Express is a Plenti card and credit card all in one. Apply, and you’ll be able to earn Plenti points for each eligible dollar spent with that card at supermarkets, restaurants, and more. Learn more about the Plenti Credit Card.

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