Join Plenti

How do I join Plenti?

There are many convenient ways to join Plenti, all for free.
You can:

• Join online here.
• Sign up on our mobile app, available for IOS and Android smartphones with the latest operating systems.
• Join through one of our partners, online or in-store. If you started enrollment in-store, you’ll need to finish the process online to take full advantage of the rewards that Plenti offers, even if you received a card.

When your sign up is complete, you will receive a welcome message with your Plenti card number in it. If you do not already have a card, you can expect to receive your card in the mail in 10-14 business days. You will also be invited to link Plenti with existing partner store loyalty cards.

If I join Plenti through one partner, do I need to join at the others?

No, one Plenti rewards card is all you need. No matter where you joined Plenti, you can use that card at any of our partners, even if your card features a specific Plenti partner on the front.

What if a message says my phone number is taken when I sign up?

If our records show that the phone number you entered is already in use, you can sign up with a different number on or on our mobile app. If you’re still having problems, call us at 1-855-PLENTI1 (1-855-753-6841).

Why do I have to provide personal information, like my phone number, when I sign up?

When you become a Plenti member, you provide us with personal information such as your name, address, salutation (Mr./Mrs./Ms.), date of birth, email address and phone, to clearly identify you as the owner of your account and protect your points balance from misuse.

Additionally, many of our partners ask you to enter your registered phone number and/or PIN if you don’t have your card on hand. This allows you to earn and use points as you would with a card.

We take the safety and security of your personal information seriously. To learn more about information that Plenti may collect and what we do with it, please see our Online Privacy Statement and Consumer Privacy Notice.

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