How does Plenti work with my Enterprise Plus account and other loyalty programs?

You can only earn rewards with one loyalty program per reservation at Enterprise. If you are an Enterprise Plus member, you cannot earn both Enterprise Plus points and Plenti points for the same rental. This is also true if you elected to earn rewards with any loyalty program accepted by Enterprise other than Plenti.

If you have questions on whether your reservation is earning Plenti points or another type of loyalty reward, please call the Enterprise service center at 1-800-264-6350. If you’d like to switch from another loyalty program to Plenti, call the customer service center prior to picking up your reservation and request that you receive Plenti points instead of the alternative loyalty program you had previously selected. If you have already picked up your rental, you will be unable to change the loyalty program you earn rewards with on that specific rental.

Always make sure you have your Plenti card number available when you pick up your rental. You will need to provide your Plenti card number at the time of pick-up even if you have provided it at the time of reservation.

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